Embracing Life, Eating Cheese

Last night I joined Rabbi Leon Morris and Joe Fins, M.D. at Temple Emmanuel for a panel on Palliative Care. The best thing about doing an event at Emmanuel is that they label the cheeses -- as in "Belgian Gouda" , "Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar" -- written in mock calligraphic letters. Fins had the line of the night "Palliative care means to "cloak" like wood veneer -- something you won't see here at Emmanuel!"


Queer Eye for the Straight God

Well, here's my latest piece in Killing the Buddha -- Queer Eye for the Straight God. The tasteful photo and caption illustrating the piece is another example of the creative brilliance of the Killing the Buddha team. Avocado Theology.


Yoruba Shteibel Hits the Newstands

This morning - all of six degrees in NYC - I stopped by the newstand in Penn Station to pick up the Jewish Week to see if they ran my piece on the Yoruba Church. I was thrilled to see it on the back page, and they also ran a great photo of the minister who was so gracious in welcoming me (sadly the pic is not included in the web version). Check out the Jewish Week.

Killing The Buddha

I went to the book release party for Killing the Buddha Wednesday night at a swank loft on 28th street (above a furrier) I met the editors and some other fine folk. The book is an off-shoot of the web-zine I've been writing for as an outlet for my unconventional religio-literary work. Two of my pieces are in the archive, Please Don't Kill the Prophet and Behind the Pulpit and I've got another piece debuting next week.


Jews on the Idiot Box

Jonathan Mark used a few of my comments on the whole "popularity of Jews on television" craze that appeared in his latest Jewish Week article. Check out-


In a bizarre twist in my life story...

My friend Marty Pottenger has written me in as a character in her new play, Abundance. The premiere is Thursday night, at the Dance Theater Workshop, W. 19th Street. Check out http://www.dtw.org/2004spring/working_theater_04.htm

There's a piece on it from Playbill -- with a picture of the dude who plays me!

This was all part of a community dialogue I took part in back in 2002 --- The Abundance Project.


For those looking to purchase Embracing Life and Facing Death...

Click here for more information on the book I co-wrote with Joseph J. Fins, MD, chief of medical ethics at New York Presbyterian- Cornell Medical Center: