Embracing Beliefnet

My book has recently been excerpted on beliefnet, which allows folks to write in their commentary. So far there are a few stories from folks who have dealt with loss.


A classic cartoon from my rabbinical school days

I came acroos this masterpiece, a cartoon from the good old days when I taught Hebrew School. I sort of miss it. sort of.


Blackboards in Abu Gosh

Yesterday we had an event at Auburn with Ron Kronish a rabbi in Jerusalem that does Inter-religious dialogue. He came with a Palestinian educator, Issa Jabar, who was equally eloquent. At one point during the event, a reporter from a rather anti-Israel magazine felt that it was an opportunity to challenge the charge that Palestinians are being taught to hate Israelis in schools. "Is it true," she asked Jabar, "that Palestinain teachers are teaching hate?" Jabar's response: "Yes - but during Oslo we worked on a new curriculum and we are still hoping to implement it!" May it be speedily and in our days.


Pharoah on Audio

The session I did with Rabbi Art Waskow in D.C. "Speaking Truth to Pharoah" is now available on tape. If you are interested, you can order the tape.for 10 bucks plus 7 shipping.


God Bless Omaha

The Harvard School of Divinity Pluralism Project listed one of the op-eds I wrote after 9/11 in its interfaith section. My op-ed was quoted by the editors at the Omaha newspaper. Who knew that folks in Nebraska read the Forverts?

Shibley Telhami and the Two State Solution

I heard Shibley Telhami speak today on the two state solution. He was level-headed and brilliant - I just wished that someone in power would stop and listen. His latest piece is in Foreign Affairs.


Religious Leaders to team up with Ice Cream Makers

I heard a presentation from the folks from True Majority an outfit spawned by Ben of Ben and Jerry's. The host was Rabbi Balfour Brickner and his clergy group. One of their missions is to work on ecomomic justice issues -- to help people see the bigger issues - both nationally and globally. The short videos on their site are worth watching.


Another review for Embracing Life

Here's another review of my book. This review is the first I've seen from a caregiver's perspective.