Happy Thanks-giving!

many things to be thankful for, especially seeing Al Green live at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ. Not since James Brown have I seen such an electrifying performer. Green is a master - of- ceremonies/preacher/soul singer/dancer/conductor -- you have to love a guy who passes out red roses to the fans in between songs. The Wellmont is beautifully restored, and the sound is good if you sit in the balcony. I heard that the sound on the floor was off. Good we got the cheap seats.

another huge highlight of November was speaking at the Chabad Shluchim conference in Crown Heights. I was also treated to a post-talk dinner (thanks to my cuz Nissen and Necahama Dina!) and I brought one of the Chabad rabbis to the Birthright Israel monologues show at the Triad Theater in Manhattan. A cultural exchange...morningside heights meets crown heights?


Best YOUTUBE channel ever

This genius has youtubed his record player. he plays old 45s.i was searching for an old Howlin' Wolf tune and came across this treasure trove. enjoy

One beauty: Shufflin Shoes