Slice Jerusalem like a PIZZA

And now, a moment of zen....

"Devise a solution to Jerusalem that will bring lasting peace and does not slice the city in half as if it were
a pizza" - Jennifer Laszlo Mirachi 


A very Jewy-y Super Bowl

Jew-fro? Yes. Jew? Not-so-much.

Last night I thought that I would have a much needed break from the Jewish world that occupies my thoughts on a daily basis. No Jewish football players on either team, I thought. No Jewish coaches or prominent owners. The game is in Dallas. How Jewish could it be? But the gods of televised sports had other ideas. First up, Glee starlet Lea Michele sings America the Beautiful. Then Joan Rivers is in a Go Daddy spot, the Black Eyed Peas sing "mazel tov" which made it all seem like the world's biggest bar mitzvah, then Richard Lewis and Rosanne Barr in a Snickers ad? Adrien Brody singing for Stella Artois? Throw in a new Spielberg promo, Sharon Osbourne, and Henry Winkler and it adds up to one extremely Jewy Super Bowl night. This morning I heard a rumor that Aaron Rogers celebrates Hannukah....alas, there is no escape.