Away We Go!

Leaving for Tel Aviv this week...with a stop-over in Paris. Looking forward to speaking English in a French accent the entire time...a la inspector cluseau.

.Here's two quick movie reviews
Away We Go:

Loved Maya Rudolph.Took me a while to get into it, but once I did, fantastic.stroller scene is a gem.


What is it with Pixar and "cute" fat people?


Grandpa Boris Caption Contest

We need Grandpa Boris' wisdom now more than ever. WWGBD?

Noone ever comments on this blog, but maybe a few brave souls will play screenwiter for the next zinger from Boris' chapped lips.....


TABLET: The New Jewish Read

The good people over at Nextbook have launched an online magazine of sorts with the chisl-icious title "Tablet" -- check it out. The style is clean -- more texty than photo-heavy and relaxing on the eyes. But if you stare at it too long it becomes white fire on black fire.