A Poem

At Any Given Hour
Inspired by Cesaria Evora

At any given hour men are arguing about the path of a ball.
In, out, goal no goal, each has his opinion.

One says “Let’s get back to work”

At any given hour women are talking about their bodies.
Blood, no blood, sick not sick, each has her own opinion.

One says “It is what it is – it will be what it will be”

And soon it is evening.
They come together over food.
Some talk and some are silent.
A few are laughing.

A man beats his wife because of money.
A man sings a lullaby to a crying baby while his wife sleeps.
Across town a woman slaps a child because of lying.
A woman changes the bandages from her husband’s surgery saying ‘Poor thing.’

A few are laughing to themselves.

Water flows down drains, carrying with it secrets, clues, revelations, remnants.
Something creaks, something crashes, but mostly there is the hum of machines and cars and silence.

The great rush of lovers is felt tonight, the wind roaming the streets to give flight to their hair, the young people are behind bushes in the parks, jeans muddied, locked in every embrace imaginable.

The aide from the hospital lifts the spoon to her lips and she tastes.

Yes. Mint chocolate chip.


A photo of Sasson Klezmer

Here they are funkifying the bamboo-ed corner of my suburban lawn behind my humble abode.
Notice the faux grass carpet underneath the drums - remnant of my dreams of a mini-golf course.
Thanks to Jon for the PA system and to Daniel for recommending them.
btw i clicked this photo with my phone - the T-Mobile Dash. I highly recommend this slim, ugly phone to all those who crave multi-tasking devices. I can even play chess on the thing.

Reb Blog is back!

My apologies to all Reb Blog readers for the hiatus. Many things are cooking in my life that have prevented the usual posting. The big news is that after four wonderful years I am leaving Auburn to return to the Jewish world, taking on a new position at the birthright israel foundation and working on an initiative that will foster Jewish community and connection for Jews between ages 18 and 30. There's an article in NJJN on my job switch tommorrow. I am going to miss the multifaith adventures, but G-d willing I'll be having some new ones of my own as I wander the streets of Jerusalem this summer.

In other news, two weeks ago my wife Lisa and I went down to New Orleans, which was an incredible experience (photo to the left is from a NOLA jazz club - thanks Matthias for showing us around!) One highlight was a Soul Rebels concert and an interview we did with the drummers during the set break. Lisa is working on a documentary theater piece about recovery efforts.

And last week we had the band Sasoon Klezmer from Seattle play at a little party celebrating Lisa's new job at Drew University and my new gig. They were funky and freilech. Check them out if they are playing near you.