Buddy Holly Cheesehead!

My all-time favorite street musician from Madison, Wisconsin, the artistic genius Art Paul Schlosser, just appeared on America's Got Talent in the Chicago auditions and was given three rather large red Xs. This is a low point for American television. Schlosser, who did not reveal his real name on the show but went by the moniker of Buddy Holly Cheesehead did wear a large foam block of swiss cheese on his head. I, and other philosophy majors were mesmerized by his work in the 80s including the infamous:

"I see a watch, I see a watch, I see another watch, all that I see is called infinity"


Some Memories of Lee Hancock Z'L

Photo: One of the favorite albums of Eugenia Lee Hancock Z'L

I just heard the news that a mentor, Rev Dr. E. Lee Hancock, passed on to the next world

I was lucky to have worked with Lee in 2004 and 2005 when she was Dean at the Auburn Theological Seminary. The first thing I think about when I think of Lee is that Lee was cool. She had great taste in music – she introduced me to IZ – the Hawaiian singer who has that amazing cover of “It’s a Wonderful World.” She liked wacky religious art – especially Madonnas that were 3D and popular folk renditions of Women’s religious experience. She got the “Jewish” thing -- not sure how to say this, but she had a Jewish sense of humor if that is possible…she got what Jews think is funny. We laughed a lot.

Lee was tough. Watching her face chronic illness and still carry herself so beautifully was inspiring. Lee was an amazing preacher. I’ll never forget the time I heard her in a one-day seminar on Alzheimer’s speak on the theology of disability. She spoke with such poise and elegance and courage.

I remember the many times that Lee and I sat together in her office kicking around ideas that later changed lives -- The MMEC, the doctoral program with NYTS, the Evolution, DNA, and the Soul series…all sorts of great energy and creativity came from Lee’s mind and heart.

Lee was a great light. Her absence calls on all of us to glow a little more.

May her memory be for a blessing.