Flashback alert!

If you are on Facebook, you can check out the recently posted grainy B& W video (hat tip to Charles Schletzbaum) of Rob Spears and I recieving the State Championship trophy for Varsity Debate in 1986.


I am acting all cool, like it didn't mean much. But it was HUGE!!!!!!


Still Killing

I know that most of the people on the planet could care less, but I am thrilled that Killing the Buddha now has a Rabbi Daniel Brenner page!

Yes, all three of my warped pieces can now be located on one easy webframe! Allelujah!

p.s. that photo is circa 1994...folksinger days...back when the only chords I knew were Am and G....



I just heard that I'm one of the 50 Infuential Rabbis named by Newsweek Magazine.

Although I can think of many more influential rabbis who should be on this list, it is great for Birthright Israel NEXT to get this kind of exposure. And I am happy to be standing next to Rabbi Art Green, #27. Fourteen years ago, he blessed me and my beloved under the chupah - so it is fitting that we are joined at the hip. Mazel Tov to all the new names to make the list.