Invocation for Rabbi David Rosen

Rabbi David Rudin, former Chief Rabbi of Ireland and head of the Council of World Religions for Peace spoke last night at Auburn. I was asked to deliver an invocation:

The father of many, Abraham, dug wells, and a desert thirst was quenched with those waters. But as time went on, the wells were not taken care of and they became clogged. So, we read this week that Isaac dug anew the wells of his father, drawing fresh water from an ancient source.

May the Eternal one, the source of all blessing, the one who breathed life into us, sustains us and brings us here tonight guide us as we come together to drink fresh water from ancient wells of wisdom. In a world clogged at this time by division and enmity, let us unearth the life-giving source of our common humanity.

Holy One, tonight, in this space, let the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to you- guide us to accept the ethical obligations that you demand of us so that the words we take away tonight may be a wellspring for others. May your name be praised on high and in our hearts.