1,000 unique visits

Reb Blog has now been read by over 1,000 unique visitors! While in blog land this may not be such a wondorous feat, I am celebrating by posting a new poem. Enjoy:

The poetry hacker

The poetry hacker
beams his verse
to Tuscon
to an unsuspecting Blackberry user
why Tuscon?
I don’t know
But she doesn’t get it.
But the text message
Wired to a random number in Istanbul
Is faithfully translated
Then read aloud at a house party
Spoken in broken English.

Our hero blogs late, sending emails to
He dreams of hacking the pentagon
Sending daily poems to missile silos
Down to the underworld
Where the button-pushers dwell
Sending a poem about
Crushing loneliness broken by a four word reply:
Thank you for poem.