The Theological Seminary of the Jews

I spoke to the rabbinical school of the Jewish Theological Seminary this morning - an informal event entitled 'community time' in the Beit Midrash. I joined my colleague Katharine Henderson in a presentaiton on inter-religious work. It was great to meet Rabbi Eddie Feld - whose work I have long admired, as well as Rabbi Shapiro - a student of the Lubliner who is the resident Beit Midrash guide. He is in his eighties, at least, and speaks with a thick European accent - at the end of the session he shook my hand and said "The Jewish people do not talk religion from the 'kup' ! We do not do theology! In Hebrew, 'Rosh' means heart - not head - What do I know of God? Can I think the way that my cat thinks? That is what a Jew knows of God!"