Yesterday I spoke to AP news at a prayer vigil outside of the Sudanese embassy to raise awareness of the crisis in Darfur - a humanitarian crisis which has only gotten worse over the past few weeks and one which is threatening the lives of over two million Darfurians. To my left in the grey suit is Yahya Osman of the Darfur Rehabilitation Project - he is a Darfurian who is doing everything he can to mobilize the U.N. With the white Kupa is Imam Talib of the Moque of Islamic Brotherhood. In the Black cap is Rev. Herb Daughrty, organizer. To his right is Ammiel Hirsch, rabbi of Stephen Wise Free Synagogue. I've written a piece for UPI that I hope will run Monday.

In other news, my Depavaali greetings are in a bizarre assortment of well wishes over at the Hindu American Foundation.