A Response to "Stem Cells and the Sixth Day of Creation"

There is nothing more gratifying for a writer than to have a total stranger read a piece and respond with both a phone call and another piece of writing. A Texan, Alex Lukats, read my stem cell essay on UPI and called me in my office. Then he sent me a piece that he was inspired to write. He granted me permission to share it with you.

Here it is:

I am in the final stages of multiple sclerosis. What I have ahead of me is possible bladder removal, a feeding tube and a final stay in a nursing home. I have a family too. A wife who goes to work every day, loves me and helps dress me when she can; a mother who has unconditionally loved me from my first day on earth; a sister who is always there for me and a father that fought for me up until the final days of his life.

We have Christian values and believe that God is here to help us in bad times. Every sperm and every ovum do not produce a child. If one or two cells can be salvaged from a disposal and helps to create a modality that may save the little life I have left, there would be no sin committed.

If my own cells are used they may have a genetic defect and just propagate more of the same problems I already have.

Certain people have melded into the religious world and made us think they are our friends. The sad truth is that we are being used and subverted for political ends that have nothing to do with faith or charity. Some think leading is standing in the way and holding on to undeserved power. It is not! It could be a very cruel way of killing the ill and infirmed.

Insurance Companies don’t mind because they don’t have to pay the research, some drug companies don’t mind, some doctors don’t mind because they get to treat symptoms indefinitely and undertakers don’t mind because they will get the business in the end.

If you are lucky enough to have a healthy child think about that child suffering falling onto death in your hands. That is what my mother is doing.

When you go to vote, think about the true family values of that candidate and what they really want and what they have allowed this country to become and where they really want to take us.

Conservatism doesn’t include allowing innocents to die in nursing homes or on endless battlefields fighting endless battles for unwilling peoples.

Alex Lukats