Hanukkah Poem

Bougies Pour Hanukkah

Picture Antiochus the fourth
A large and hairy Antiochus the fourth
It has been three days
A loser on the Egyptian front

A thought bubble rises
I’ll go crush Jerusalem
Win a few style points
Get a fresh supply of women

Has the story been told from the pig’s vantage point?
The crate opens:
The Temple of the Jews? Yee-haw! I’m free at last!

Irony: the pig is the new Isaac.

No one can spell Hannukah, but it is easy to explain:
We eat this because you cook it in something else which reminds us of something else

Judah Maccabee
You are now hollow milk chocolate
Annually decapitated

At one point in the rebellion someone sat, face in hands, weeping:
My brother has been crushed by an elephant

-daniel s brenner