Beliefnet Archive's Brenner's Blogs

It is a grey, rainy day on this date of mourning in Manhattan. Six years seems like a long time --- last year the five year mark was a significant milestone and I felt the gravity of the day as I stood outside Trinity Wall street. This year I was rushing off to work, watching a hundred umbrellas bobbing on the sidewalk - life as usual. we move on.

I went to read my 9/11 pieces that I wrote after the attack and that's when I found that there's now an official Rabbi Daniel Brenner page over at Beliefnet, the leviathan of religion websites. Here's what you can find:

Honoring Our Fathers After you've done the ties, after-shave, and golf balls.By Rabbi Daniel Brenner
Build a Mosque at Ground Zero . . . and a church, and a synagogue. An inter-religious center would be a testimony to America's spiritual power. By Daniel S. Brenner
The Future of Foreskins Circumcising my own sons brought me physically closer to them. Why are so many parents willing to forego this important bond? By Daniel S. Brenner
Little Plastic Torahs, Big Revelations On the holiday of Shavuot, we show our love for the Torah--a love not just of the text, but of the very Torah itself. By Rabbi Daniel Brenner
Light in Dark Times This year, dedicate each night of Hanukkah to a set of heroes from the past several months. By Rabbi Daniel S. Brenner
Rebuilding in the New Year A parable for Rosh Hashanah. By Rabbi Daniel S. Brenner
Double Blessing This year is a time to reflect on several types of miracles--American and Jewish, ancient and contemporary. By Rabbi Daniel S. Brenner
Learning from Suffering When we confront death, we confront life's most important--and toughest--questions. By Daniel Brenner, Tsvi Blanchard, Joseph J. Fins, and Bradley Hirschfield