update from nashville

Loyal readers of Reb Blog,

Please forgive me for taking so much time in between posts! The reality is that taking on a new job has been both wonderful and exhausting and spending time managing an international project and crafting a three year plan for a major educational effort has given me little time to write and reflect on the blog.

There have been many moments that I wanted to post in the last few months -- great audio highlights worth a few words like the sounds of my neighbor Jon Luks tap dancing with Paul Shapiro's Latin Jazz band Midnight Minyan, hearing my friend Ayoub from Face to Face on WNYC, and listening to Michelle Citrin play at PLP in Santa Monica. I also stumbled on a collection of old Israeli dance vinyl...a few classics from Moshiko that are priceless.

I also wanted to write about the show birthright israel monologues which I have been involved in producing. It just went up last Monday night at a burlesque club called the Slipper Room on the Lower East Side and a few of the actors have written about the experience. Vanessa Hidary directed, and she has been exceptional to work with on this project.

While I have not been writing plays or poems, I have been going to a lot of theater, and am looking forward to one show at Montclair State University coming up next month that is based on people we met in New Orleans last Spring. (Go Lisa!)

And one more thing....if you have a minute, check out this amazing animation of John Coltrane's Giant Steps.
It is what I thought "music television" would be like before MTV came on the air. brilliant.