The Hummus Wars: a.k.a. Battle of the Bulge

Lebanon regains hummus title from Israel

May 9, 2010

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Lebanon for the second time in a year has wrested from Israel the title of making the largest plate of hummus.

More than 300 Lebanese chefs on Sunday created a more than 23,000-pound plate of hummus, in the presence of a Guinness World Records representative, more than doubling the Israeli record set in January.

The chefs reportedly used 8 tons of boiled chickpeas, 2 tons of sesame paste, 2 tons of lemon juice and 154 pounds of olive oil for their creation.

Lebanon claims ownership of hummus, a traditional Middle Eastern dish made of chickpeas, sesame paste, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic, and accuses Israel of stealing the product and marketing it as Israeli. Its exact origin is unknown, though presumed to be Arab.

My commentary: Gentlemen, this is pure insanity. For the good of humankind,let us put this competition behind us and face-off for the title of Most Delicious Hummus.