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Check this out -- an essay I penned some nine years ago is, thanks to the inactivists in San Fran, number one on the list of Most Viewed at NYU's Berman Jewish Policy Archive. Here's the post..

The Week's Most Viewed Publications
Posted At : May 16, 2011 2:25 PM | Posted By : Tara Bognar
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A bit of an international/historical angle this last week, along with some bonus reflections on the father/son dynamics of circumcision.

1. The Future of Foreskins (2002), Daniel S. Brenner
2. Evaluation of the Pardes Educators Alumni Support Project: Promoting Retention of Pardes Educator Program Alumni (2011), Ezra Kopelowitz, Stephen Markowitz
3. The International Migration Factor: Causes and Consequence (1977), Gaynor I. Jacobson
World Jewish Population, 2010 (2010) Sergio DellaPergola
4. Russian Jews in America: Status, Identity and Integration (2004), Sam Kliger
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