Paterson New Jersey's Great Falls -- a breathtaking waterfall surrounded by post-industrial decay!

With a warm December day (thanks global scorching!) I suggested to the familia that we take the dog for a walk to a new park. Having exhausted most of the wooded areas nearby, I consulted Reb Google and then rallied the troops into the car to a destination in Paterson, NJ -- a spot a mere 17 minutes from Montclair. After driving through an old factory district (with a beautiful brick something or other that has been converted into a Burger King), we arrived at the Great Falls District. At first glance, it was a busy urban highway overpass running over a river. A very brown river.We drove over the bridge, made a right, and parked by an abandoned high school football stadium. A few locals were smoking blunts in the lot. We walked down a cement trail (plenty of broken glass unfortunately) that lead to a small steel bridge. Then our mouths fell open. We turned to see a magnificent waterfall -- and a rainbow to boot. Ladies and Gents....New Jersey!