New Kosher Special

Every once in a while you take risk on an off-the-beaten-track restaurant that has escaped the orbit of Yelp and you discover some unexpected deliciousness. This was the case today, as my family made an excursion to Elizabeth, New Jersey for some Kosher Chinese cuisine. The name of the joint was New Kosher Special and it was replete with specials -- in particular a lunch combo for under six bucks that we all agreed was the best value of any kosher place we have ever been to. We've been to pricey kosher chinese in NY and Florida...the food in Elizabeth was better. My sons are still raving about the Teriyaki Beef. I had the dish above, a Cashew Chicken with extra spices.

The place is low-budget - paper plates, plastic forks, dingy tables, a fan affixed to the wall. But the great food and wonderful manager made it feel like we had discovered a hidden treasure. If you go, bring cash, some quarters for the meters, and an empty stomach. Enjoy!