Another Corny Rabbi

We Call it Maize

At the beginning of the summer, when I finished putting in a raised bed garden, I decided to use some of the rugged property by the house to put in a pumpkin patch and a row of corn. Rains came and the garden grew. The pumpkin plant now covers three zip codes. And the corn is close to six feet tall.

In August, I went down to Florida to celebrate my grandmother's 100th birthday. At the party, my cousin Nissen had prepared a slideshow of her life and in it I saw a great old black and white photo of my grandfather Jesse standing in front of his crop of corn stalks. Do I have karma working on me or what? I never knew that he had grown corn, but there he was, proudly in front of his small crop. So I guess that I'm following in my grandfather's footsteps. I'll check in at harvest time and let the blogosphere know if it's for eating or popping. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The ears were small, but we boiled one up and it was quite tasty. Then we dried some out and made a "corn snack" with our air popping popcorn device. Now the stalks will go atop the sukkah.