Florence Funt (1912-2013) Z'L

I've heard conflicting ideas regarding the spirit world that we refer to as heaven. But if I was to make a prediction about what is currently underway in that upward eternal everlasting time zone out there, I'd have to say that those spirits are about to experience a period of unexpected fun. Scrabble games and Hungry, Hungry Hippos, croquet contests, wacky wind-up toys, a wooden puppet who dances on a plank - did I mention boxes full of chocolate, and dogs who go gaga for ice cream, and plastic alligator heads on sticks that pick up scrap paper or a mechanical frog who eats bean bag flies? And what about the vast library of New Yorker cartoons, comics and joke books? Yes, other-world, you now get to experience the woman known as Granny - the force that made earth such a delightful realm for so many children and adults alike. So, Heavens - consider yourself lucky!

love you Granny. miss you. hope to grow your spirit more and more.